Brine Freezing

It consists on the fish immersion in a concentrated solution of sodium chloride, followed by a rinse of refrigerated water designated “glazing”, which permits the creation of a film of water that protects the fish from oxidation and avoids loss of quality during the refrigerator storage. Afterwards, drying in forced-air tunnel takes place, at a temperature between -24ºC and 26ºC. Finally, the fish is packaged according to the client requests, using always innocuous materials for the human health.

Tunnel freezing or Forced-air freezing

Usually it is used if the fish is large and its size does not permit freezing in brine. The fish is placed in boxes that are put in a tunnel and submitted to a stream of cold air during ten hours at least, at a temperature of -25ºC.

Spiral Frosting Tunnel

The fish is transported in a matting spiral shaped in ascending direction, and the air circulates in a constant flow assuring an effective and quick frosting. The tunnel has the frosting capacity of 2000kg/hour and it allows the fish to come out at a temperature of -20ºC. This is packaged according to the client’s indications.